About this website and me

What this website is:

This website pretty much purely exists for the purposes of having fun and being somewhere to put stuff such that I can share it with others easier.

Who I am:

I am some rando who lives on a crap island to the north of mainland Europe (yes I'm talking about the "United" Kingdom). I'm a mostly self-taught software developer who mainly uses Python, though I often use other languages, such as Lua, W3 (HTML+CSS+JS), C (and C++ and C#), among others.
You can view some of my work in progress/completed projects on the appropriately named projects page on this website.
As well as programming, I have other hobbies, such as tinkering with electronics (usually but not always involving microcontrollers and such), and drawing artwork, which you can also see on the somewhat pretentiously named art gallery page.

Other things that you may or may not want to know about me:

I am a furry.
I am also gay.
I have Autism Spectrum Disorder (a proper diagnosis, no self-diagnosis crap).
I have a rather odd sense of humour (probably related to the latter).
I like lighting appliances and tech, electronics, and engines (diesel moreso, but steam and others too) (this is definitley also related to the autism).
I use Linux as my main and daily operating system (a rather heavily modified version of Lubuntu specifically), and on as many of my other devices as I can, and hate Windows with passion.
I have many opinions, most of which are controversial, thus will probably not be voiced here.

If you do not like any or all of things, then that is unfortunate. I cannot help you, no apologies will be given.

My fursona, named Pi

How to contact me:

There are several ways that you can contact me, these include (ranked in order of preference and usage, most preferred/used to least):

Other places where I exist but don't really talk much include (in no particular order):