This is (will be) a shortened list of some of my more "impressive"/worthwhile projects that I have done over the years, quality is not guaranteed but some are maybe pretty neat.

Perkele Drive

Perkele Drive logo (temporary)

My main game project; Built on the Godot engine. Progress is ongoing, but I work on it frequently and release progress updates through various sources and will eventually release updates here too, as well as alpha builds of the game to test and play about with.

Status: Work in progress, Semi-public
Estimated time of completion: Within the next few years

Links: Discord (this website) logo

It is this website, just meant to hold information that I wish to display publicly. Not much to say other than take a look around I suppose.

Status: Complete, but ongoing updates
Estimated time of completion: Always and Never

Links: (you are literally here you do not need to click this)


MuerkOS logo

MuerkOS is a bad but somewhat functional Operating System for the minecraft mod Open Computers, it was created as a fun exercise for myself.

Status: Work in progress, Public but crap
Estimated time of completion: Eventually™

Links: Discord Github

Ascent: Frozen Hell map

Ascent: Frozen Hell map Icon

This is an interactive web based map of the terrain of a modded Minecraft survival mode server for the Loiste Community (mainly just a bunch of friends). It is updated occasionally, usually after a large building project is completed. It is based on Leaflet.js, with some extra JS thrown in to manage waypoints and borders, and some nice CSS to make it look all pretty.
This page is no longer updated as the Minecraft server it was for was shut down.

Status: Completed

Links: AFHMap Github


Openstorm logo (temporary)

Openstorm is an attempt at an open source reimplementation of the Stormworks game engine, it was originally created out of frustration about the original games developers lack of regard for the community, though this has somewhat changed over time and there is less of an insentive to work on this project anymore.

Status: Work in progress, Non public
Estimated time of completion: Eventually™

Links: Discord Github (private for now)

Ham editor (temporary(?) name)

Ham editor (temporary(?) name) logo

Ham editor is intended to be an open source map editing and creation tool for the source engine, currently it is not good.

Status: Work in progress, Non public
Estimated time of completion: Eventually™

Links: Discord Github

There are quite a few other projects that I have worked on over the years that I do not feel are worthy of being included on this page, feel free to browse through my GitHub though as that is where most of the unlisted projects lie.