Art Gallery

This is a collection of artwork drawings or art of other mediums that I have made over time, listed in chronolocgical order. Some are better than others...
(Some of the non-digital work has not been digitised particularly well, apologies for any blurryness or uneven lighting)


I drew this entirely while very drunk with just a mouse, I don't remember or even know why it is this good, and there isnt too much I can tell about this as I have no clue.
Drawn: 2020-06-11
Medium: Digital

Arm Mounted Weapon System

This was drawn as a concept just for a bit of fun, for an arm mounted weapon system based on an AKS-74U for my sona, after seeing a friend get some concept art commissioned of their sonas weapons system.
Drawn: 2021-06-17 to 2021-06-18
Medium: Pencil

Citrus Pacer

This somewhat unusual piece was drawn after a friend said "I really want a Pacer now", followed by "How much is shipping to Srbija", then "and can I use Citrus to ship it myself", which propmted me to draw this odd scenario, with the friends Citroen BX (known as Citrus), towing a BR Class 142 (Pacer) along a motorway into Srbija (Serbia).
Drawn: 2021-10-27 to 2021-10-30
Medium: Digital

BR Class 142 "Pacer"

This is the first piece I drew after obtaining my sketchbook (aside from some random meaningless doodles). I have yet to complete this, and am unlikely to given that there are many things that I feel that I could have done much better, so will most likely entirely re-do this at some later date, whenever I feel the urge to draw a 142 again.
Drawn: 2021-12-28 to 2021-12-29
Medium: Coloured Pencils


This piece was started as a way to try and convey a certain aesthetic of soviet style prefab panel apartment blocks as far as you can see, with sparse features besides the buildings themselves. The buildings and layout are roughly based on an area of land that I built on a Minecraft server with some friends a while ago.
Drawn: 2021-12-29
Medium: Coloured Pencils

Railway and Bridge with a BR Class 153

This one doesn't have too much of an interesting concept behind it. I felt like drawing a railway and I felt like drawing a bridge, so I did both, and added a nice 153 to make it feel a bit less lonely. This was my most complex piece at the time, but I still felt that there were many things that bothered me about it, but I don't entirely dislike it.
Drawn: 2021-12-30 to 2022-01-08
Medium: Coloured Pencils

ЧМЭ3 with pride flag

I started drawing this piece while drinking vodka and listening to soviet music, so it is rather fitting that it is a soviet locomotive. I decided to try drawing entirely freehand for once, and in a more cartoon and less realistic style. I am actually fairly proud of how this one turned out, which is a nice contrast from how I feel about most of my work.
Drawn: 2022-01-08 to 2022-01-11
Medium: Coloured Pencils


There isn't reallt a story to this piece, just felt like drawing a Lada, so I drew a Lada. It is anoter freehand piece as I find myself putting less stress about accuracy and detail when I do them, allowing me to be more relaxed and get more enjoyment out of them, though I do prefer doing more accurate drawings as I enjoy the nerdy details.
Drawn: 2022-01-25 to 2022-01-31
Medium: Coloured Pencils

Turnip Hill

This one started out as just a bunch of random scrawlings on the canvas as I was getting used to using a new drawing tablet, but ideas began to form about what I wanted, and it ended up growing from there, turning into some INFRA fanart of an area towards the end of the game (named "Turnip Hill"), with Mark (the protagonist) drawn as an antrho fox, as designed by a friend. I quite enjoy the end result of this piece, though theres are still some things that I feel could be improved, but I do feel that I did well with this one.
Drawn: 2022-02-28 to 2022-03-06
Medium: Digital