Fursona Art Collection (SFW)

This is a collection of artwork of my Fursona, to be used as a reference or whatever.
It also contains some info about them.

Gender: Male kinda idfk somewhat Agender
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Species: Domestic Cat
Fur Colour: Grey and White
Eye Colour: Turquoise/Blue
Hair: 5-8cm, Dark Brown
Body Type: Slim, Not Muscular
Height: 175cm
Hands: White, Humanoid, Cat Claws
Feet: White Sole, Plantigrade, Cat Claws
Tail: 1m, White Tip

Credit: Lucciano on Fur Affinity

Credit: ocropne on Twitter

Credit: BusinessGoose#5170 on Discord

Credit: Zandy on Twitter

(Left character is mine, right is my loving partner; Shiro :3)
Credit: Greenzlie on Fur Affinity